About me

Welcome to my website! I studied psychology at the University of Vienna and am combining my main fields of academic interests – psychology, neurosciences and sexology (sexual sciences) - to develop and offer unique services that integrate body and mind for you. My passion for the human brain has originally led me to studying psychology and I conducted the scientific study of my diploma thesis at the Social and Affective Neuroscience Unit of the University of Vienna. In my last year at university I specialized in sexual sciences by completing a training in certified sexual education, which was followed by a certified training in clinical sexological treatment. My academic multipassion has never been a limitation for me, on the contrary, it allowed me to try out different fields and approaches and find the things I am most passionate about to combine them into powerful services for you.



Neuroscience is the science of the nervous system. Through various techniques such as cellular studies or imaging of brain activity, scientists try to understand how our brain works. There are many studies about how certain psychological tools and techniques successfully work, visible on a physiological level.




Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. It is a broad field with various sub-disciplines such as work-and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, positive psychology and many more. In order to provide qualitatively high services to clients, psychologists work with scientifically proven methods.


Sexual Science

Sexual science or sexology is the science of human sexuality, investigating fields such as sexual functions, -development, -behaviour, -orientation, -pleasure and more. According to the WHO: “Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.”


Academic Background

2018 - Certified Clinical Sexologist (Sexocorporel)
Austrian Institute of Sex Education and Sex Therapies Vienna

2016 - Certified Sex Educator
Austrian Institute of Sex Education and Sex Therapies Vienna

2016 - Magistra degree (equivalent to masters) in psychology
University of Vienna

2011 - Certified Trainer
Health Care Communication, Vienna

My work is characterized by:

  • Comprehensive academic education
  • Regular supervision and cooperation with colleagues
  • A basic salutogenic attitude that sees health not as a condition but as a process
  • A basic salutogenic attitude that sees health not as a condition but as a process
  • Respect and resource orientation
  • Trust

I currently offer services in the form of blog articles and various download materials and am working on the development of further products. If you would like to be actively involved in the design of my future services, please visit my website regularly, as this will provide information on questionnaires and surveys, or write me an email to info@johannaginter.com.

I currently am not offering any form of individual coaching, counselling or treatment. 

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