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Psychological counseling, -treatment an coaching.

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Welcome to my website!

I am a Clinical Psychologist and work in a private practice in Vienna. Wien.

I offer psychologische Beratung, -Behandlung und Coaching online and in person.

I can help you with symptoms of anxiety , depression , stress and burnout, as well as with problems in your professional or private life (sexuality, relationships,...) . I also support patients after a hospital,or (neurological) rehabilitation stay.

As a clinical psychologist I work with scientifically proven psychological methods and follow a holistic approach.

Clinical psychological interventions also use elements of different forms of therapy, which can be applied according to the client and the situation.

My services are aimed at adolescents,, parents and adults (up to old age).

You can find more information about my services here:

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Counseling & Treatment

Are you looking for psychological counseling & coaching or do you need clinical-psychological services?


Viele Erkrankungen (MS, Parkinson, Long-Covid, Schlaganfall,…) gehen mit kognitiven Problemen einher. Diese kann man gezielt trainieren.

Sexuality Counseling

Sexuality is a natural part of being human. Let‘s treat it that way.

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